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Why Homephysio247?

Why Ultrasound Guided Injections? When should I see you?

Why Homephysio247?

Life can be very busy. If your schedule is very tight, you work long hours and you need an expert clinician promptly, we can work around your schedule and see you as soon as possible. Our clinicians are highly trained and skilled and work for prestigious NHS services. We offer our services seven days of the week until late in the evening. At HomePhysio247 we meet your expectations and needs in order to provide quick relief from aches and pains.

Why Ultrasound Guided Injections

Steroid and hyaluronic injections have been used in medicine to treat pain and inflammation for many years. The addition of the Ultrasound, brings your care to the next level. Our clinicians are both experts in musculoskeletal medicine, ultrasound scanning and administering the injections. Thus, you should expect a full assessment which will confirm your diagnosis, a scan to identify the potential problem and clear advise whether or not an ultrasound guided injection is the appropriate treatment for you. 

When should I ask for treatments?

Thankfully humans are design to recover from Musculoskeletal pain. Most injuries usually need time and appropriate rehab to get better. If you feel that the pain is not controlled and the symptoms are not improving, please give us a call to have a full assessment and discuss together your treatment options.