Why Homephysio247?

Is Physiotherapy at home effective? When should I start?

Why Homephysio247?

Life can be very busy. If your schedule is very tight, you work long hours and you need an expert physiotherapist promptly, you can have physiotherapy at the convenience of your home or your office. Our physiotherapists are highly trained and skilled and able to attend your premises as soon as possible at a time that is convenient for you. We offer our services seven days of the week until late in the evening. At HomePhysio247 we meet your expectations and needs in order to provide quick relief from aches and pains.

Is physiotherapy at home effective?

Home treatments do not lack anything in quality in comparison to physiotherapy in a practice. We commit in providing the highest level of treatment at your home, using the latest evidence based approach. We provide treatment beds and anything else you would expect from a normal physiotherapy practice. Our clinicians are amongst the best experts in the field and we can guarantee a full assessment and diagnosis with treatment from the first visit. Seeing a physiotherapist as soon as possible is the key to fast recovery.

When should I start?

Most people are still under the impression that all it may be needed is rest; once the pain started. The most common example is acute low back pain. This is no longer advised as there is now plenty of evidence to suggest that the faster someone returns to normal activities the fastest the recovery is to hobbies and work. This is the core of our approach in order to avoid an acute problem becoming a chronic one.